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Top 5 Reasons To Work With An Agent When Buying

by Greg Stidham, REALTOR®

You’re thinking about buying a house? Great! Home ownership is practical, you need a roof over your head, and rewarding, both financially and psychologically, re: pride of ownership, etc.

How should you start your home search? Loans? What’s escrow? Do I need contingencies? Lots of online resources are available so this should be easy. You got this!

Well, hold up a minute and read on. I’ve put together 5 reasons you should consider adding a Real Estate Agent to your team soon.

5. Power of Network

A good local full-time real estate agent lives and breathes all things real estate.

They will have a network of like minded professionals they talk to and work with. This is a huge benefit to you even during the early days of your search. You could learn about houses coming up for sale before it goes “on market”.

Who doesn’t want to be in the know?

4. Contracts can be overwhelming

Purchasing a house is important. It’s important to you, It’s important to me.

The amount of paperwork is significant. Choosing a real estate agent early in your search means you will be able to get advice to navigate the looming contract / paperwork maelstrom sitting on the horizon. Sure, you could probably watch some youtube channels and learn, maybe, but unless you understand contract language, it might be a giant waste of your time and could induce a nasty headache.

3. Expertise in Real Estate

I’ve met buyers that have bought houses before. Some of them have bought multiple houses and “flip” them. These buyers might not need an agent, or think they don’t need one.

You need to ask yourself if you are comfortable going alone on this big purchase. Have a serious discussion with yourself. Use the mirror in the hallway if you need to.

Bringing on a real estate agent early in the process will go a long way in helping ease your mind because a good agent is an expert at real estate. We love the business and are eager to help. Agents also have seen multiple transactions and have talked to other agents in their network about solving problems. Agents continue their education constantly during their career, it’s a requirement, and stay up to date with the current contracts.

2. Negotiating

It seems reasonable that buyers and sellers could negotiate between themselves towards a goal of a win-win for each party. The reality of real estate transactions is that not everyone is willing to work for the best interest of the other side. In addition, as we continue to negotiate during this sellers market, some buyers actually think they may be able to keep the seller happy if no buyer agent is involved. In my opinion, this is a bad idea.

Adding a real estate agent to your team when buying will help you in multiple ways.

A good agent will advise you on items that you didn’t know were negotiable to begin with. Inspections often lead to negotiable items, but what items should you inspect? An agent can guide you during this important process and when the time comes to negotiate, can deal directly with the seller’s agent and work out the best possible outcome for you.

Real Estate contracts are full of negotiable items. Which item should you negotiate? When? Will it help or hurt the purchase? A good agent will have ideas of what could work best for the situation.

1. Saves Time and Money

Most likely you’ve already started googling the area you want to move to and may have also begun searches with Zillow, Redfin,, etc.

This is good.

You should become familiar with the area you want to call home. The web is a powerful tool and I encourage my clients to use all tools available. I use these same resources often and they work well for me along with my agent MLS access.

The truth is, not everything you need to know is available to you at the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) aggregators listed above.

Local knowledge is important from the very beginning of your home search and you may waste a lot of time hunched over your keyboard trying to find what an agent can tell you quickly. Plus, some information you will need to know before it becomes a problem later.

Your time is valuable. Agents can help you not waste your time.


Thank you for taking time to read my top 5 reasons why you need to work with a real estate agent when buying. Please contact me if you have questions or need help finding an agent in your area. You deserve to work with the best real estate agents. I wish you great success in your upcoming home purchase.

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