Photo of volunteers cleaning up sidewalks in downtown Davis

Clean Sidewalks are Happy Sidewalks

by Greg Stidham, REALTOR®

Wakeup! Drive downtown. Pickup litter.

Does this sound like a fun way to spend a Sunday morning? Why yes, it does.

It seems perfectly appropriate that my first blog post as a real estate agent would be about a thankless community service event. I’ve participated in many during my years, enjoying each one, and always found it rewarding to be doing good things.

On Sunday, November 14, 2021, a baker’s half dozen of my fellow Coldwell Banker Select agents and I met in Downtown Davis, California. The weather was cool and foggy. The sound of workers with power tools renovating a nearby restaurant echoed as other shops began to wake up from a busy Saturday night.

We scurried around wearing our neon yellow safety vests and offered each other occasional commentary on items we found stuck in bushes or pressed onto a curb. Every so often, a passerby would ask me what crew I was with, perhaps hoping we were performing community service for bad decisions made.

Photo of pile of garbage bags with Coldwell Banker Select sign

“No crew”, I’d say with a smile. “We are volunteers trying to make the area look beautiful.” They seemed surprised and a little confused but after a pause, would reply – “that’s cool”.

Two hours passed quickly and we began to wrap up. As we completed the slow process of picking up the remaining litter along the sidewalk, I stopped to turn back and view the now tidy sidewalk.

This place cleans up good.


Photo of group of volunteers cheering after cleanup day is finished.